The Curious Case of Mr Bean

So I’m on emuparadise right, looking at the ratings for various games.

Even games that really aren’t that fantastic tend to have pretty high ratings, because the people who look for them are people who remember them fondly.

Anywho, I’m looking through the list of platformers, and I come across a game simply titled “Mr. Bean.” I think this is funny, and I’m looking for more platformers on the PS2 so I open the page to remember it.

It’s then that I notice something

Rating: 1.12/5, 2171 Votes

That’s a *lot* of votes, as well as the lowest score I have ever seen on emuparadise. So I checked the other games I had open at the time:

Hitman: Blood Money:

4.15/5, 146 Votes

Mega Man X Collection:

4.59/5, 433 Votes

Ape Escape 2:

4.71/5, 208 Votes

and Gran Turismo 4:

4.62/5, 1232 Votes

Not even Gran Turismo 4 has close to as many votes as this unknown Mr. Bean game.

Either this game is responsible for the trauma of thousands, or someone built a downvote bot for the Mr Bean PS2 game.

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