Rediscovering and modding my PS2

The Playstation 2 is, to me, still the greatest console of all time. The Switch is a strong rival, but for me the nostalgia value, the great, non-gimmicky controller and the ginormous backlog of awesome games.

Nevertheless, it’s been about 5 years since I last touched my PS2, but when Lynne and I moved out we brought it with us, and we’ve set it up and had a great time. Lynne being Lynne however, suggested that we mod the console to allow us to play rare, expensive and unavailable titles, which is what we’ve done 0u0

I got my PS2 in 2004, when my dad got it for me in a bundle with Need for Speed Underground 2 for Christmas. I’ve used it a lot over the years (I checked and apparently I’ve got 170 hours in Burnout 3 and I didn’t even know). It still works perfectly fine, but all my controllers broke over the years.

So a couple of days ago, Lynne and I picked up some controllers and games and started to have fun with it. We weren’t satisfied just playing games the regular way however :p

Modding the Playstation 2

So there are many ways of modding a PS2, which range from soldering a modchip onto the motherboard to plugging in a memory card with the FreeMCBoot software on it. Because we aren’t insane or skilled enough to do the first, we chose the latter option.

FreeMCBoot is custom firmware for your PS2 that you load onto a memory card. FreeMCBoot does a lot. It allows you to bypass the PS2’s region locking and copy protection so that you can play ISOs of games manually burned to discs (or from USB or a networked device) that do not abide by the PS2’s DRM scheme.

FreeMCBoot also allows you to run the UELF launcher which allows you to run executables for homebrew and all sorts of other cool stuff.

We also found out how easy it is to set up a network connection to the PS2. We thought we’d have to burn game ISOs to DVDs and then run them with FreeMCBoot, but as it turns out you can just stream them from a server and it works surprisingly well.

A picture of our TV with a list of game ISOs in the FreeMCBoot menu (sorry for the low-quality image)

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